Posted on: August 26, 2008 10:59 am

What does pot odds mean to you?

I played in a local tourney yesterday, it was a 200, 100/100 knockout tourney where 100 of my buyin went to prize pool where other 100 went to knockout prize pool. Generally these are descent tournaments with the field being mainly retired people or small business owners. Tournament started with roughly 120 players, making it well worth my time to try and stick around, but for many there that wasn't the case. I know pot odds and what they mean as far as your action, but yesterday seemed to get a little carried away. The phrase of the day had to be "I have to call you I have pot odds". So I want some opinions, I personally do take pot odds into CONSIDERATION but I do not base every single action I make on my odds. I watched a field of 120 dwindle to roughly 45 players within the first hour. For anyone who plays tournaments regularly that is not a common thing.

I am not complaining because personally I walked out in fourth place and took home close 3500 including my knockout prize money, but I was just confused, shocked, and grateful for this new loose approach these players took. It made me richer in the end.


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